You're pregnant. Now what?

Your Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse Home Visitor provides pregnancy health services that answer hard-to-ask questions for first-time moms.

"What happens during labor? Can I have sex during pregnancy? I'm beginning to swell, and I'm constipated! What's normal?"

As a young woman pregnant with your first child, you have a lot of questions. Your Nurse-Family Partnership nurse home visitor is there to answer them, guide you to the right resources, help you plan for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery of your baby. It is first-time pregnancy help you can trust, from a caring and compassionate nurse who knows fact from fiction.

Your nurse comes to you, meeting you at home or at a safe place on a regular basis, usually every week or every other week before and after you have your baby. If you have support from family or your partner, they can participate too. During every visit, you'll set a plan of things to do before the next home visit, and review your progress to date. Pregnancy help services start before your baby is born and continues until your baby's second birthday. This service includes guidance on child development and family-life planning. 

Your Nurse-Family Partnership nurse home visitor works with you to accomplish your goal of being a good mom – right from the start. You'll learn the importance of getting good prenatal care, eating healthy, exercising, and quitting smoking. And of course, your nurse will prepare you for delivery. These topics are just a few of the things your nurse will help you with by listening to you and your questions. With your nurse, no subject is off limits – not even the really personal ones.

Preparing for a nurse home visit.

What happens during a nurse home visit? How long do visits last? And what are my responsibilities? Find the answers by reading The Home Visit Experience.

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